Yesterday, many users of Facebook, Instagram and even WhatsApp experienced glitching issues that shook the world and caused the apps to crash, meaning users were unable to use the app for most of the day. This was reported to be the biggest crash that the sites have ever experienced.

How could this happen? Well, there was reports that this was caused due to a hacking of their server, this has since been proven as false.

One user wrote on Twitter: “I was legitimately starting to wonder if my account had been closed down….. FacebookDown is stressing me out.”

Another said: “OMG! Facebook is down. How will I survive?”

And another added: “OMG Facebook is down it looks like. People are actually going to have to talk to each other!”

The live outage map showed the biggest spike of outage was across the UK and Northern Europe and major cities in North and South America.

The issues were seen across the world, though not for all users. The website Down Detector showed thousands of people complaining about the issues as Facebook said it was down for essential maintenance.

We have noticed since this has occurred, a massive drive of traffic has now flown back onto the social networking sites as they are now back online. Reports have also said that today is one of the biggest days in their history for user and website/app traffic. Click here to find out how you can boost your social media pages andBuy Instagram Followers and Buy Facebook Likes today.


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